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About Sparks Arts

How I learned to help you stop being ignored and grow your business

As a business owner, I know you want your venture to succeed and grow, to bring in more happy customers. And so you try the usual things that marketing conventional wisdom suggests –

  • you pay for a new website
  • you pay for ads
  • you pay to design and print a brochure
  • you pay to send out coupons
  • you pay,
  • you pay,
  • and you pay more…
  • on and on, hoping the next attempt will be the magic bean that will finally makes your business profits explode.

And what’s the result? Often very little. No remarkable improvement.

You’re just spinning your wheels, and it’s wasting a lot of your money. Sound familiar?

If you’ve been down this road before, you know the money you’ve spent on marketing efforts doesn’t always result in increased business. I know how disappointing and frustrating that is! It’s a crappy feeling and just plain wrong to throw away your hard-earned money and get poor results.

Why does this happen? Can anything be done to fix it?

I was troubled by this as well and set out to discover what was going wrong. I mean, I’ve been a website developer since 2005. I always strive to create beautiful, functional websites for my clients. I was proud of my work, but troubled that it didn’t make much difference in their bottom line.

Well, no more. You deserve better!

I had to figure this out! For years I researched the subject. I listened to all the marketing “experts”, studied all the lastest techniques, listened to the guru’s podcasts. And still, none of them seemed any more effective than the other.

Until I finally stumbled across the answer.
And it just made sense as soon as I heard it.

It turns out the problem isn’t the design or where you’re advertising. It’s what you are saying about your business and products.

Attractive design alone doesn’t sell things, words do.

People buy things because words made them want to buy.

The amazingly simple, effective and proven marketing formula I discovered guides you in what to say so people will listen and want what you offer. This process has helped grow many businesses like yours - even quadruple in revenue!

I am committed to helping you launch your business to new heights of success. You can finally stop feeling frustrated and anxious, and begin reaping the rewards of your hard work.

Stop wasting tons of money on ineffective marketing that people just tune out.

I’ll help you clearly communicate why customers need your products, how it will solve their problems and help them get ahead in life. All the while, saying it simply and to the point so no one has to struggle to understand you. And they will listen.

Sound good? I think so, too.

Schedule your FREE consultation call now. I look forward to learning about your business and goals and get you moving forward to a more profitable business.

– Richard

Sparks Arts Management

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based in Loveland, Colorado - operating nationwide
Richard Sparks, Marketing Consultant / Website Developer - Sparks Arts web design agency

Richard Sparks

Marketing Consultant /
Website Developer

Christine Sparks, Creative Director / Designer Extraordinaire - Sparks Arts web design agency

Christine Sparks

Creative Director /
Designer Extraordinaire